Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Zoya Earthday 2012 Haulage

Remember on Facebook when I said I couldn't wait for this haul to come in?

Well IT's HEEERRREEEE (Said in eerie Poltergeist chick voice)

I think I went overboard....

....Nah no such thing!

So I deliberately chose no pinks or purples. I have a metric TON of those colors. Except for what was found in the Beach and Surf collection. Honestly, I could have shopped like 3x as much as what I bought. But I was good! Mostly! I was on a nail polish diet through most of April (if you hadn't noticed!)

 I had opened it and rummaged through it before realizing I needed to take a photo of it in the box. So I put everything back in.
 4 boxes. Yes they're all filled.
 Beach and Surf. God I'm so excited about this collection.
 A nice little bonus I guess. A huge sample!

Zoya Beach and Surf collection.
The only one missing from the collection is Lara and she is on back order. Hopefully I'll get her soon.
 The full haul. Norah decided to make a cameo.

 Then I split them into colors. Rina is the name of a character in my book so I had to get this. It helps that she is a gorgeous bar green and holographic glitter. Something I do not have in my collection.
Zoya Rina and Midori

 The browns and bronzes.
Zoya Collette, Penny, Amber, Goldie

 The blues. I guess I was in a blue mood, but none of them are the same.
Zoya Indigo, Kotori, Tallulah, Tart, Crystal, Ginessa
Now I'm going to spend the rest of the day swatching. *Happy sigh*

So what did you guys get for the promotion if you hauled?


  1. So pretty! What is it about nail polish that just looks so cute in the bottles? I love to arrange mine too; i wish I could buy this many at once!

    1. I think I could sit and stare at bottled polish all day! I love it. I've been waiting for this promotion for like...a year!