Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Julep Mystery Box : St. Patrick's Day!

I'm quite happy with this month's mystery box. I think I got a good one, though I didn't go and calculate the price range. I think that ruins the excitement of it a bit.

It was supposed to be here March 21st, but it arrived yesterday (March 19th). I'd have loved to have gotten it before St. Patrick's day, but I'm not going to complain too much about the date I received it.

I got 3 polishes - Sofia, Natasha, and Megan. No dupes yet! Base  coat, mini versions of the hand scrub ( I have a full-sized from one of my other boxes) and the hand brightening cream. A crystal file, and of course 4 chocolate coins.

I've been using the scrub and I'm going to do a separate review on it.

Julep Sofia, Megan, Natasha

Julep Sofia

Interesting enough Sofia seems to dry matte or maybe a suede. It doesn't have a high shine at all.

Natasha and Megan swatched.

Julep Natasha. Very orangey red.

Julep Megan. Can you see the beautiful pearly/foil finish?

Julep Megan

Julep Sofia

Julep Natasha

My full St. Patrick's day mystery box from Julep.

 I think this one is equal or a little better than my Valentine's day box. I'm happy and I'd order the mystery box again.

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