Thursday, February 23, 2012

Luscious OPI nail mail from

I love waking up, opening the front door and seeing nail mail waiting for me. I think I scared the cats cause I was bouncing up-and-down.

Last week the wonderful The Do it Yourself Lady posted a deal via GiltCity and It was outrageous, so I snapped it up. I was one of the ones that were able to get the voucher for $5. So I went wild. I feel like I raided the store, and that feeling was only compounded when I opened the boxes.

I picked up a number of the OPI Holland collection and finished out my Touring America collection.

I feel so special!

I love pink tissue paper. *happy sigh*

Norah deciding the box looked tasty!

All wrapped safe & snug in bubble wrap.

Pedal Faster Suzie & Did you Ear about Van Gogh

Vampsterdam, Wooden Shoe like to know, Gouda Gouda Two Shoes

I have a Herring Problem and Are We there Yet

I eat Mainely Lobster and A-Taupe the Space Needle

My Address is "Hollywood"


  1. OH dear, I'm so glad you were able to snag up the $5 deal. It did feel like I was raiding the store when I ordered mine too. LOL..

    These are soo beautiful! swatches soon then?
    I also got Gouda Gouda Two shoes, and Pedal Faster Suzi and some other stuff.

    Yay for great deals!!!! Thanks for sharing and linking my blog. :-)

    1. Swatches very soon! I'm not sure which to wear first.

    2. Pedal faster suzi. :-)
      Or anyone you choose.