Friday, February 3, 2012

February Julep box!

I'm so excited! I feel like I just ordered the $5 dollar Julep special for my first box. Yet here it is. Whoever thought of the idea of curated beauty boxes is a genius. It's exciting to see a package knowing it's for you and has something glitzy in it!

I can't wait for my Valentine's day box now.

I'm Boho Glam this month. But I think I'm going to switch to It girl next month.

Look how sparkly that is!
Such a gorgeous blue. I love it.


  1. I love that blue! Blue is such a cool color - on you, I'm sure it'll be spectacular (and I'd love to see a swatch...), but on me, blues are solidly masculine and just awesome!

    (and, funny thing... right at this moment, half of your followers are men! I'm sure that percentage will go down as you build a following... )

    1. I LOVE that you're one of my first followers! I read BerryPolished's interview with you and then read your whole blog. Based on your swatches I'm dying for Man Glaze Santorum.

      I'll definitely swatch the blue when I change my polish. I have a water marble on (pictures posted next week!) that I'm enjoying.

      Thank you for following I'll be adding you to my blogroll.