Tuesday, February 28, 2012

How it started.

I really like checking out other people's stashes and set-ups. Last week on Facebook I saw a few photos of the "before the addiction set in". So I went through my stash, since I was arranging it in its new double-Decker home, and revisited the polishes that have been with me for awhile.

Last year this is what my "stash" consisted of. Mostly drugstore brands: Pure Ice, Revlon, Sally Hansen, and some unnamed ones I got as a pack.

Then I found China Glaze, and then OPI, and then Zoya, and Essie, and Julep--oh my.

This is what happened then. 

China Glaze drawer.

Zoya, Ulta, Julep, Essie, and my base/top coat drawer.

Nail art drawer - Rhinestones, striping tape, tools for art, nail pens, dotting tools, stamping plates, etc.

OPI and Nicole by OPI

Drug store brands - Revlon, Sally Hansen, Art Deco, etc.

My manicure drawer - Files, oils, etc.

The very top. The removers, lotion, my water-marble bowl, and my Nfu Oh cause I don't know which drawer to put them in. I usually toss other odds-and-ends there too. Like cotton-balls.

The good thing is I still have room to grow ;) I better not let DH hear that though.

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