Monday, April 2, 2012

OPI Wooden Shoe Like to Know?

After a whirlwind romance with color for the past couple months I'm hitting the darker shades for April, it seems. Last week I wore Lubu Heels for FIVE days! Holy Cow! I didn't get any photos of it do to a busy schedule, but I am in love with that shade. It's soo gorgeous.

Last night when I was debating on colors I thought I was going to go colorful again. But wouldn't you know when I opened my OPI drawer there was Wooden Shoe Like to Know staring up at me. I really adore the OPI Holland Collection, as I had gravitated towards Pedal Faster Suzi before making this my ultimate choice.

This could easily be a two-coater,  but I did three just to smooth out any imperfections in my nail painting skill. It's super-glossy even without topcoat on, and it has this gorgeous shimmer to it.

As for the color itself I have no idea what to call it. Is it a dirty purple? It for sure has delicious purple undertones.

I call it hot chocolate.

To make a pun on the name, Yes, I "wood" like to know how to describe this color.


Shimmer in the bottle

Shimmer on the Nail

What do you lovlies think of this color? What would you call it?

1 comment:

  1. I WOOD like to know, I wood!
    I like the shimmer, but like the rest of the Holland, it's a little bit too secret to show fully on the nail and that's sad :(
    I'd call this one... Dutch Shepherd :D